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Blank The Gospel card Side View TPNG
Blank The Gospel card TPNG

The Cross Butterfly Card


A meaningful thought provoking butterfly card depicting the message of the cross through the death of Jesus and His resurrection. This was one of the very first images that came to mind when Inkywool was founded. It means so much yo me and my husband and we hope it speaks to you and whoever you send it to.


Taken from my original picture the butterflies change from black to grey to cream to white representing the forgiveness of sin and the promise of a new life through being born again for those that believe in Jesus. The sea breeze background complements the cross with a glimmer of light coming in from the top.


The card is discounted to the others because it is our hope that it is sent to as many people as possible.


The original 50cm x 50cm picture or a framed print is availailable from my shop.

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Additional Information

15cm x 15cm

Printed on 350g recycled cocoon


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