Gold Heart Print Personalised Tiny Png

Personalised Golden Wedding Anniversary Framed Butterfly Print


In a deep box frame the centrepiece of the picture is a print of my orignal Heart of Gold picture with hand cut butterflies on the mount bringing the picture to life. It is the perfect forever golden wedding anniversary gift.

My art is inspired by love. The butterflies flying in represent love and, as the heart fills up, they begin to flutter back out representing giving back the love that has been received. The recipe for a lifetime marriage

I will personalise the picture with the names of the couple and the date 50 years ago when they were married. Alternatively you may want to write Mum and Dad and their wedding date, Nan and Grandad and the date or perhaps a very special message.

What an amazing landmark to reach and a very special and totally unique present for the day.

The position of the butterflies on the mount may vary slightly as each picture is prepared individually.

I have other prints with butterflies on the mounts in my store, as well as the original 3D pictures made entirely from hand cut butterflies. Every one has the option to personalise it for a special occasion.



Additional Information

Frame Colour



12cm x 12cm

Frame Size

25cms square x 4cms deep box frame