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Easter eggs and more…

Unfortunately, this Easter the flu struck me like a coiled Viper (as my son would say)and left me plenty of time to think and contemplate while I sit it out.  I have to say and admit that I must be one of the very few that has only now discovered the reason behind Easter eggs :/ They are as I have read a symbol of the empty tomb of Jesus Christ and the Easter bunny which is also now associated with Easter has been fully adopted since the 19th century as a symbol of Life as rabbits give birth to huge litters of kittens (baby bunnies) in the Springtime.

For me though, it is all about the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus Christ and how it was told throughout the bible that the day would come when Jesus Christ would be led to the Cross, would die and then rise again on the third day having taken the sins of man with Him through death on that Cross.

Having done that God promised that all sinners ( that is every human being) who believes in Jesus Christ would be forgiven and so freed from the penalty of sin.  This is The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I’ve not been a Christian all my life and I certainly didn’t have Christian thoughts or actions but a number of years ago now I came to a place in my life where when I thought about God or Jesus on the Cross I absolutely fell apart inside and it totally transformed my life.

However, eggs still play a part at Easter in my household as my sons love chocolate and although grown up now still like to receive an egg or two :)