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Kaleidoscope Gift Wrap and Tag


A sheet of colourful butterfly heart gift wrap and a butterfly gift tag for a special person. It’s lovely for a parent, partner or a friend to receive a gift but even more special if extra care has gone into wrapping it in this unique colourful gift wrap. A sheet measures 50cm by 70cm.


Taken from my original Kaleidoscope Life picture in my shop, there are many hearts formed from numerous butterflies giving a 3D illusion. Each butterfly represents love with some flying in to make the heart whole and then others flying out representing giving that love away.


A pack comprises one sheet of 50cm x 70cm gift wrap with the butterfly gift tag, threaded with aubergine ribbon, (pictured) tucked inside a cellophane wrap. There is an option to buy extra gift tags too.


Absolutely beautiful.

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sheets, folded, to, 175mm, x, 250mm, in, cellophane, wrap, gift, tag, 50mm, x, 70MM

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1, 3, 5, 10, 50


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