Nan Colour Me Card Folded
Nan Colour Me CardColour Me Nan Card

Butterfly Heart Nan Colour Me Card


A butterfly heart card for you to colour in the butterflies in the shades of your choice to create a special card for your grandmother

Based on my butterfly heart card range I have created this card as an outline especially for a child to colour in or paint for their grandmother so it can be super special for nan to keep and look back on. Choose your own colours so that you can send nanny a card not just on her bithday or maybe mothers day but at any time of the year so you can show her your colouring skills. I have had it printed on recycled cocoon uncoated card so you can get a real depth of colour.

The design celebrates love so it’s perfect. The butterflies flying into the heart at the bottom represent love and then as the butterflies swirl around they fill the heart with love so they begin to flutter back out again representing giving back out the love that has been received.

There are three styles: one that is left blank on the front to colour in and send to anybody, one that has Mum on the front and one that has Nan on the front – all three are available as the “colour me butterfly card pack”